Growing Your Business Through Differentiation

Jonathan Perelman, Head of Digital ICM Partners, Former VP of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures and Former Global Lead for Industry Relations at Google

How do you grow your organization when there are so many competing voices in your industry? How do you stand out, rise above the noise, and get your organization’s voice heard online so that you can attract more consumers or promote your communications objectives? Jonathan Perelman shares the tactics and mindset that propelled BuzzFeed into one of the fastest-growing cultural phenomena on the internet, being read by more than 100 million viewers a month. Pulling from his extensive experience at two of the world’s most influential brands, BuzzFeed and Google, and today at the center of the evolving landscape of Hollywood, he discusses how these companies have been able to grow by using branded content and telling stories in a memorable way.

Disrupt Yourself … or Be Disrupted

Stephen Shapiro, Author and Innovation Expert

Your past success will ultimately lead to your future failure. Why? Because the more you know about the audiovisual industry, the harder it is for you to think differently about it. This keeps you stuck. The products and services you offered previously will no longer be sufficient to keep your business alive. In these highly interactive sessions, you will learn:

  • Why expertise is the enemy of innovation, and what you can do about it
  • The key disruptive forces that are impacting every industry
  • How to develop breakthrough solutions quickly with lower risk
  • That the solutions you develop are less important than the questions you ask

These sessions are not a crystal ball telling you what will happen in the future. Instead, you will be given the tools to identify disruptions before they happen so that you can respond quickly and confidently.

Creating a High-Performance Culture

John Foley, Former Lead Solo Pilot, U.S. Navy Blue Angels

High performance is a mindset, a process and a state of being that accelerates everyday achievement. Individuals and teams that embrace high performance begin a journey toward excellence and elevated execution that has the power to carry them beyond their dreams.

John Foley will take your team to the next level with this unique, high-voltage address that will go beyond all expectations and leave a lasting drive for reaching high performance at all levels.

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